Become an MCMF Volunteer

Become an MCMF Volunteer. Call: (510) 548-3326 or e-mail: to volunteer or for further information. Work exchange and credit for community service is also available

We will help train you to do many of the following jobs:


  • Distributing posters
  • Helping to get the word out thru e-mail and the internet
  • Write an article on FOH and get it into journals and newspapers

Office Work

  • Data entry (Mac)
  • Filing
  • Making calls
  • Creating flyers and posters


This is always a need for any non-profit, and MCMF is no exception. There are many ways you can help MCMF raise funds to do our work. Here are just a few (but you may have others Host a fundraiser in your home, school, club or church):

  • Hold a bake sale
  • Donate what you can afford – Commit to donating $1,000 towards our goal of raising $20.000
  • Check to see if where you work would like to contribute to MCMF or if it has matching grants for non-profits.
  • Donate a harp, harp strings, harp dollies, etc.

Donate Time to Healing Harps

  • Donate your time to help coordinate getting music out to those in need
  • Find people and places in need
  • Donate your time to play for those in need
    The 20th Annual Festival of Harps is committed to donating harp music to people in need throughout the Bay Area in 2009. If you know of places in need of harp music, or you’re a harpist who has done this kind of performance or feels you can do this, please contact us.

Artist Hospitality and Transportation

We will need people to house, feed and transport artists when they are in town

Work at Concerts

Sell tickets, CDs, work backstage. Get to see the artists up close and personal.

Curate an Exhibit

SF Main Library has asked us to curate another Exhibit in the SF Main library in 2009. We will need help with organizing and installing his exhibit.

Help to Restring Rental Harps

If you don’t know how, we’ll teach you.

2009 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Festival of Harps. We will have more concerts, educational programs and events next year. We’ll need your help more than ever in the following months. Please consider becoming a volunteer and helping to make 2009 a special and memorable Celebration of Harps in the Bay Area.

—Diana Stork, Director