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Festival of Harps Live! CD

Features live recordings from the popular Festival of Harps(sm) concert series of 14 different styles of harp music including: Rudiger Oppermann (Neo-Celtic), Chaskinakuy (Andean harp duo), Carlos Reyes (Pop Latin), Golden Bough (Celtic trio), Geist trio with Diana Stork (World Fusion), Anne Adams (Classical harp), Cheryl Ann Fulton (Medieval harp), Maureen Brennan and Paradise Trio (Celtic), and others.

Harpestry CD

A superb multi-cultural and multi-stylistic collection of some of the world’s finest harpists including: Andreas Vollenweider (New Age harp), Ann Heymann (ancient Celtic wire-strung), Derek Bell (Celtic harp), Deborah Henson-conant (Jazz harp), Rudiger Oppermann (neo-Celtic harp), Patrick Ball (Celtic harp), Geist (World Fusion), Michelle Sell (New-Age harp), Luis Gonzoles (Venezuelan harp), and others. On Universal Records. 12 tracks.

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Celtic Harpestry CD

Recorded primarily in the British Isles, this popular CD is a compilation of some of the world’s greatest Celtic harpists: Maire ni Chasasaigh, Janet Harbison and the Belfast Harp Orchestra, Sileas (Scottish duo), Cheryl Ann Fulton (Breton harp), and others. Produced by Dawn Atkinson and Diana Stork on Universal Records label.

Music from Around the World CD

Music by the Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble: 14 pieces from 14 different countries such as Africa, Turkey, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Ireland, Russia, America and Native America and more. Played on Celtic, lever, African and Latin harps; with guest musicians. Suberb arrangements by Alfredo Ortiz, Kim Robertson, Aryeh Frankfurter, Laura Zaerr, Diana Stork and others.


Celtic Harpestry

This amazing video of the national PBS Special of was filmed at Lismore Castle in Ireland by the crew that shot Riverdance. This stunning video features performances and live interviews with Ireland’s Maire ni Chathasaigh, the Belfast Harp Orchestra directed by Janet Harbison, the popular Scottish duo Sileas and others. On Universal Records label. 1 hour. This video is hard to find and may soon be out of print. VHS format.

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