Movers And Shakers

Multicultural Music Fellowship:

Diana Stork, Director


Teed Rockwell, President of the Board

JoAnna Larson, Board Treasurer

Ron DeStefano

Terri Woodfolk; and Educational Outreach

Alexis Lyon; and Assistant Director of Instruction and Educational Outreach

Brenda Chen; and Fund Raising

Jasmine Low, Assistant Director at-large

Laurel North, Web Mistress

Transfusion Design, Website Design

Accounting, Carol McGuire

Audio Engineer for Recordings and Live Concerts, Lou Judson and Intuitive Audio

Sound Engineer for Live Concerts, Allen Lam


Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble

Director, Diana Stork

Assistant Directors:

Portia Diwa

Shawna Spiteri


Mission Harp Ensemble

Founding Directors, Diana Stork and Portia Diwa

Executive Director, Diana Stork

Teachers (current and past):

Diana Stork

Portia Diwa

Shawna Spiteri

Liza Wallace

Amelia Romano

Jasmine Low

Alexis Lyon

Abby Lim-Kimberg