The school year has just begun in San Francisco, and for the second year running, John Muir Elementary School will host an after school harp club for its students! Utilizing colorful Harpsicles lent by MCMF, 7 students will meet weekly after school for an hour at a time, learning basic technique and building a simple but fun repertoire of music from around the world. Because John Muir Elementary does not have a regular music class as a part of their curriculum, the club gives these students an opportunity they would not otherwise have to learn about music and how to express themselves through their playing. The result? Smiles and beautiful music all around!



The girls absolutely loved harp club! I believe it was a very positive experience for all of the girls.  They learned several simple songs, including Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Kum Ba Yah, Dragon Kite, Fairy Door, and Ching Ling.  (They definitely liked Diana’s compositions the best.)  They did a small performance at the end of the year for their teachers.  They felt proud of themselves for learning a unique and beautiful instrument, had something joyful and special to look forward to each week, and I think really felt connection with the harp and with each other.  I went to a community day at the school today and several of the girls said they were looking forward to harp club again this year.



-Alexis Lyon, MCMF’s Assistant Director of Instruction and Educational Outreach