At the beginning of the year, we sent out a post out calling for volunteers to help us clear out and clean out 20+ years of things around the office. We got a great response from Friends of MCMF. We’ve done so much and grown so much in 2 decades – there was much that needed updating. Terri Woodfolk helped us with the Mission Harp Ensemble – writing a great new letter to send out to schools and organizations. Shawna Spiteri spent a number of days updating our History of the Harp Lecture demo with a new letter, brochure and clearing out the History of the Harp archives. Lily Hanson put on her Detective hat and sorted through decades of notes, with the help of Portia Diwa, regarding our harps — who donated them, where they are, the state of the harps, etc. Then she helped craft an email to all our donors over the years, picked through pictures of many children and adults who’ve used them, searched high and low for emails for everyone (or snail mail addresses) – and sent out the letter of thanks. So our harp inventory is now updated! Thanks, Lily! Annika came in and helped us take an inventory of all our recordings – lifting heavy boxes, making piles of recordings and making a new inventory list. (We have lots of great recordings to buy – check out our website’s online store.) Laurel and Anna came in and went through our Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble drawers – throwing away old flyers and brochures, pictures, etc. and updating our BAYHE scrapbooks. Emma Roos Collins spent days and at-home time sorting thru decades of photos & created an online source for the photos – so that they’re preserved. This was also a huge job – thank-you Emma! Emma’s Mom came in and helped sort through a number of the music drawers – throwing away extra and old copies. Laurel update our website – an ongoing job that she’s been so generous to handle. Shawna made us a new letterhead for our stationary. Alexis modeled with our Renaissance harp in an authentic outfit, and helped us to send out a letter letting our harp community know it’s available. She also worked on our Harp Day for Kids drawers and updating materials. I hope I’ve remembered everyone and everything that was done. Thank-you to all of you!! It was a big effort and we’re so very grateful to all our volunteers. There’s more room in our office, and we feel ready for the next 2 decades. We do still have a number of tasks to do. If any of you want to volunteer, give us a call or drop us an email. We’ll be glad to put you to work!
~Diana Stork, Director