MCMF is committed to continuing our work promoting and supporting music education however we can during this pandemic. Read on to see some of what we did in the Winter of 2020!

MCMF awarded 10 scholarships of Dr. Cheryl Ann Fulton’s “Harp Secrets” online course to 10 harpists ( <> ; <> ).  This pioneering course presents the fundamental basics of her holistic harp method to help you develop an incomparably expressive, energetically flowing, and physically healthy approach to playing many kinds of harps, whatever your level of proficiency.  All 10 recipients gave glowing reviews, and said the course opened their eyes and ears to new musical horizons and new skills. MCMF is happy to be able to offer 6 more scholarships this year. Please contact MCMF for details.

Fall 2020: MCMF partner with a Social worker and a group of MCMF donors and Board members to provide a keyboard and other support to young boy in the Salinas, CA area. This talented young man is struggling, living in one room with 5 family members, with no WiFi and falling behind in school. He has always said that music and art are the only things that cause him to survive.  The keyboard and ongoing support has made a huge difference in his life. We hope to continue to explore and provide musical opportunities in this area; and are looking forward to being able to meet in-person on a steady basis with more of these talented, musical children.