The Multicultural Music Fellowship is pleased and proud to welcome harpist Jasmine Low as our new assistant director! Hailing from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, music and adventures have continually shaped Jasmine’s life. She began studying piano at the age of 6 and harp at the age of 15.

In 2000, she and her family moved to Mérida, Mexico for a year to learn the language and culture of the Mexican people. Jasmine pursued university studies in Spanish and Cultural Anthropology, taking a semester of study abroad in Madrid, Spain. In between school work, she joined a harp ensemble, joined a bluegrass band called the Lucky Crickets, and duo-ed with a guitar in open mic nights and informal house shows. After graduation in 2010 and again in 2012, she apprenticed with Harp builder Rick Kemper at his Sligo Harp Shop in Maryland, USA. They built 6 lever harps, one of which she now plays. Her music and cultural interests have taken her across the world, throughout Europe and North, Central, and South America. She is currently studying Latin American music with harpist Diana Stork and music theory at UC Berkeley. She is passionate about creating community amongst people of different backgrounds and cultures.

Jasmine has worked with MCMF since winter 2015. She taught the Mission Harp Ensemble in San Francisco and was the Assistant Director for the Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble in 2016. She is a skillful natural teacher with experience in Classical, Celtic, and Latin music, and a drive to learn genres of music from all around the globe.

Jasmine’s work was absolutely essential to our tour this past summer. She found venues and housing, organized our finances, contacted composers for music licensing, ran our community outreach, coordinated with our videographer, and helped us fundraise for our Kickstarter campaign. In addition to behind the scenes work in preparation for the tour and on the tour itself, Jasmine learned our entire tour repertoire and was one of our performers in the redwood groves.

We know we (and all of the young musicians we support) will benefit from her extraordinary dedication, her enterprising spirit, and her musicianship! Welcome aboard, Jasmine!