Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble presents

Harpists Serenade Ancient Redwoods

Listen, tread softly……

Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble (BAYHE) is a group of young harpists playing folk harps,

directed by well-known Bay Area harpist Diana Stork. Diana, BAYHE, and some of BAYHE’s

illustrious professional alumnae headed up to Humboldt County from the Bay Area summer

of 2016. The harpists presented programs of harp music with a theme for forests, trees,

animals and preserving nature. The tour raised awareness of the imminent need to protect

the precious remaining ancient and old growth redwood trees and forests, and to share the

beauty of the harp.

While in the Forest, videos were taken of the harpists playing with the trees, for the trees,

and for formal and informal audiences with Triple Spiral Productions. In the past year, they

have released 2 videos to raise awareness and funding for the caretakers of the Forests:

Enjoy their first video at:

And the second video here:

And now they’re announcing their 3rd and final video to fundraise and protect the trees.

Enjoy the beautiful integration of the harpists and the trees:

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Please consider a donation to Humboldt Redwoods Interpretive Association ~ the

organization that works everyday on the ground level to educate and preserve these

precious redwood forests of Northern California.

Donate here:

Old growth Redwoods are especially critical because they sequester more carbon dioxide

than any other living thing on Earth. Their survival is threatened by logging, privatization of

land, and climate change. It is possible and necessary to preserve these ancient, life-giving


The time has never been more important to give back to Mother Earth, for the many

generations of children, animals, and all living things to come.

BAYHE is sponsored by the Multicultural Music Fellowship, a 501 c3 non-profit dedicated to

bringing the world together through music:

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