Mission Harp Ensemble


The Mission Harp Ensemble (MHE) was formed in 2006 to sponsor affordable harp lessons to Latino children.  Sponsored by the Multicultural Music Fellowship (MCMF) a 510 c3 non-profit, these classes have been taught at many schools and cultural centers throughout the greater Bay Area.

Included in the classes are fun ways, hand-on learning to play the harp. Music presented are well-known and beloved pieces from throughout Latin America including Paraguay, Mexico, Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, Paraguay, and America. Basic fundamentals of music such as melody and rhythm are also taught. Classes present fun and informal presentations to family and friends at the end of each session.


The teachers for these harp classes are harpists who’ve been playing and teaching the harp music of latin America for decades. A number of the teachers have been members of MCMF’s harp ensembles over the years and are shining examples of how these classes have changed their lives in wonderful, musical ways.


MCMF provides small, brightly-colored harps for these classes, called Harpsicles (www.harpsicle.com)  which are light and easy to play right away. They have a lovely tone and children–young and old enjoy their “rainbow of harps” groups.


Music has been documented to enrich children’s lives in many ways such as building self-esteem, social skills and improving the likelihood of completion of grades K through 12. MCMF feels strongly that the beauty, naturally peaceful qualities, and elegance of the harp are a great tool to help our youth in an increasingly complex and challenging world.


The rich history of harp in Latin America is little known in the US. We are so happy to be able to introduce our communities in the Bay Area and greater Bay area to the magical world of the Harp.
For more information, please visit our website at: <http://ww.multiculturalmusicfellowship.org/. 
You can contact us at: Telephone: 510-548-3326; e-mail us at: [email protected]
 Learn more about MCMF’s Director, Diana Stork, Director at:  https://harpdancer.com/latin-harp-music/
For more information about the History of the Latin Harp, go to: https://www.harpspectrum.org/folk/History_of_Latin_American_Harps.shtml