The Multi-Cultural Music Fellowship (MCMF) provides support for interactions between World Musical Traditions with a focus on the harp. Our goal is to increase appreciation and respect for different cultures through musical communication.

Our Festival of Harps(sm) concert series, begun in 1990, is a series of concerts and educational outreach programs featuring the harp. The vision for the Festival is to bring the different races, styles and periods together on one stage—showing the basic unity of the human spirit through the harp. The Festival of Harps brings together master musicians from places as diverse as Paraguay, Ireland, China, Germany and Peru.

We believe it is natural to love and respect people whose music has moved and delighted you. Every culture expresses itself through music. When you learn how to appreciate another culture’s music, you learn what is most precious to people who are very different from you, and soon that essential beauty becomes precious to you as well. Melody, harmony, rhythm, the ebb and flow of tempo and dynamics, have a universality that transcends language, customs and politics.